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Sony HDR-AS30V Action Camera
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    • SteadyShot image stabilization
    • Wi-Fi and NFC for remote control and viewing via smartphone
    • Ruggedized, waterproof housing
    • 6 video modes including 1080/60p HD and 4x slow motion
    • Micro SD/SDHC card slot
    • Price - below $299

    The Sony® HDR-AS30V ships with a ruggedized, waterproof housing with universal tripod mount that is built to handle extreme environments, allowing you to concentrate on safety and composition while capturing Full HD videos. Within the housing, the camera is waterproof down to 197 feet.

    Available at:

    793 x 690 - 90K
    800 x 459 - 62K
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  • With underwater housing you apparently lose 0.1 megapixels...

  • So the only difference is 1080/60p ? Are the bit rates the same ? I had hoped sony would have released a gopro black competitor.

  • Fool me once shame on you...fool me twice shame on me. I ain't falling for it again!

  • The new model has the same (larger 1240maH) NP-BX1 battery as the RX100 and GW66

  • The OLD model AS15V also takes the NP-BX1 battery, in addition to the NP-BG1 (there is a battery cradle for the smaller battery). I do not see that there is any difference between the old and new models that makes a difference.

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    599 x 396 - 42K
  • Hmm... Microphone input.. the red surround of the mini stereo jack is clear on that video. GoPro's input is too noisy to be useful. I wonder whether Sony has mastered that issue...