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Just enough bullshit
  • George Carlin it fairly well known, nevertheless this video is just truthfully humorous and thus worth sharing :D


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  • Hi there marauders, the easter bunny was just here and left a bag with parsley and this video =)

  • Despite its a conversation and not a stand-up show, it sits well here

  • Nice one dude!

  • @belfryman :D

    Great show, many levels and vaginer explorations

  • @maxr Nice. Can't go wrong with him.

    I'll give it to you straight, like a pear's cider that's made from 100% pears:
    this should be in a museum, next to a hamster's gigantic oil portrait =)


  • funny and ironic, maybe even inspirational... surely fresh in comparison with most of TED's (and D like) "smart" talks

    Nardwaur (pure resilianze)

    Regiie Watts (great musician)