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Are the cameras we buy top of the line or dumbed down for the market?
  • I'm not really familiar with R&D process and policies of any big camera manufacturer (obviously), but I was they deliberately make their cameras "sub-par" in order to leave space for the next quarter upsells and upgrades?

    Would Lumix department really suffer financially if they made GH3 a 200 mbps raw camera? How much leeway do they really leave in the specification departement? I understand they have to make their product as fail-proof as possible, but do they really push the limits to the brink of "safe" line each time they introduce the new model?

    Or do they deliberately slack a little bit to make us buy the new model next year?

    Similar question goes to the lens industry. I know good optics cost money but would Lumix profits really drop and suffer if their 14mm lens was 1.4 instead 2.5?

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  • Everything is made as it is possible to make for specific money in specific time.

    Do not belive me? Check story BM cameras.

  • agreed with Vitaliy, of course he's forgot more than I will ever know about what goes into these cameras, I have found from experience that they hold back, as mentioned above, budget is everything, their not going to add features that take more time and money then they will recoupe from the consumer. These companies have a priority to the shareholder, and that to make profit. There's no reason they would deliver a camera with features they can sale in the next model, even if their already there.

  • I think that for the most part, camera companies do hold back proven technology when releasing a new camera.

    However, the Nikon D3, Panasonic GH4 and JVC LS300 seem to be exceptions and the Sony A7sII may be another one.