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Developing a new Transition Plug-In for Premiere Pro - help needed
  • We are a small video production company and working with adobe premiere pro since version 1.0. We are quite happy with the actual CC-Version but from our point of view are some important transitions missing. We wrote several times to Adobe and filled out their "future feature request" on the adobe-homepage, but unfortunately none of the functions, that we wanted were implementet. That's why we developed over a year a go our own PlugIn, we call "Transition Designer".

    For the actual CC-Version we want to do a major update which is really expensive, depending on the new features we want to have implemented. We are only designing the PlugIn and defining the features, but we have a company to do the programming for us (in c++ with the adobe premiere sdk). Before we start reinvesting and because we want to be real close to the market, we would like to hear which features YOU would like to have implemented and if you think, that this tool would be useful for you or not. We did not make the decision if we will sell it or not by now.

    At the moment the PlugIn has the following features:

    • You can do push-, wipe- and dissolve-transitions and all of them are fully keyframable, which means that if you have a dolly track you can push the next video with the speed of the dolly into the frame

    • You can completely customize your transition by taking a Photoshop-Layer with Alpha-Channel an make this PSD-Layer the basis for the transition. For example: you can start your wipe-transition in the upper left corner and make it go down to the right corner with a soft border, the feather of the border is also customizable. This effect is used very often in TV-Shows for example in "White Collar Season 2", when they change from outside into the police headquarter.

    • The transition can have any angle that you want

    • You can start the dissolve transition from any position that you want

    • You can "dip" to a logo which can be useful if you use the Logo of a fair/exhibition/trade show and you can use the logo as a kind of "separator" between different companys at the exhibition.

    I know that you can do all of this with after effects, but it really saves a lot of time if you can do those things directly in PremierePro.

    We are planning to add some other new features, but for me it would be interesting to hear, if such a PlugIn would be useful for your every day work and which features you would like to have included into a transition PlugIn. What you see on the pictures is NOT the real PlugIn, it is the functionality that we gave to the company to do the programming for us. The User Interface will look different. Please let me now your thoughts.

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  • Interesting. I'm just getting started in PremPro-CC, but this does look "handy" ...


  • I´m thinking it could be handy to have the possibility to use short clips rather than just .psd´s. Like if you have a moving graphic you want in-between, or if you want to simulate a "damaged film" cut or something like that..

  • Sounds good for when you need some slick transitions but don't have the time to hassle with After Effects roundtrip. Hope there will be a demo soon!

  • Thanks for all your feedback.

    @rNeil: It's great that you just startet with PremPro-CC, so you used another editing system so far and have a better view for differences and what might be useful in premiere. If you see anything that should be improved and would fit in a transition PlugIn then please let me know.

    @RRRR: Thanks for your input. It's a good idea to use short clips I will discuss that with our developing team. As far as I see it is too complex to implement in Version 1.0 but may be for Version 2, I will keep you here in the forum informed.

    @Meierhans: Great that you appreciate the project. Our goal is to develop a PlugIn that allows you to make professional transitions just with some mouse-clicks. There will also be a lot of presets so that you can work really fast from the start. The scheduled release will be in Q1/2014.