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E-image Tripods, for example EG10A2 Tripod Kit
  • Hi guys,

    I'm Alec and this is my first post.

    I have just purchased the E-image EG10A2 tripod kit and I will be posting my initial thoughts when I receive it tomorrow. After having a bad experience with the Manfrotto 504HD head (very noisy during movement of the head), I decided it was time to up my budget which should hopefully give me a much better experience and this tripod kit had all my requirements; namely, being suitable for DSLRs (it has a payload range of 0 to 10KG) so hopefully it'll be perfect for my Panasonic GH2 with 14-42mm lens.

    I have heard good and bad things about E-Image. The good comments seem to be that their products match (or even surpass) the quality of similar heads, legs, etc. from Manufacturers such as Manfrotto (which, as I said above, I had a bad experience with, with their 504HD head). The negative comments seem to be that they are cheaply made, but I hope this isn't the case with this kit (it did cost me £850 after all!) If it ends up being terrible, I will certainly be returning it (I have a 7 day returns policy), but hopefully it doesn't come to that!

    Has anybody experienced this kit/head or similar products from E-Image/Fancier/Weifeng? Please let me know what you think.

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  • This is what the head (the GH10) looks like:

    Alt text

    It has three stages of drag adjustment for both pan and tilt, in addition to 7 stages of spring counterbalance and an illuminated levelling bubble. There is support for up to 2 panning arms and a thread to allow something like a monitor to be connected.

  • The legs are the GA752:

    Alt text

    The legs have a working range of 830-1730mm and they have a 75mm bowl size, which matches the head's bowl. The 'feet' can be removed to reveal spikes, suitable when working on grass, etc. There is only one lock, which once unlocked, allows one to extend the legs the whole way, if necessary.

  • Finally, a free bag is included:

    Alt text

    This bag will allow the tripod and head to be carried, with the weight on both shoulders (if desired).

    That's it for now!

  • The counterbalance is far too strong, even on the one setting and as there is no off setting, it's useless.

  • There's the EG06A2, which has all the same features, bar the illuminated levelling bubble.

    The good thing is that the counterbalance can be disabled so in theory it should work fine with the GH2.

  • I ordered a couple of EI-7080H with weifeng nest carbon fibre legs and the heads were absolutely great. Legs were good too but If I were to order more I´d go for manfrotto carbon fibre legs with 100mm bowl (they can be at a reaaaally high level - very handy) instead.

    I´d use the EI-7080H with anything between 0 and 20 kgs. Very, very smooth head. (counter-balance can be turned off)

    (the EG06A2 might work in the same way as the 7080H, looks like a newer model)

  • @RRRR So it seems as though you like that 7080. I was just looking to upgrade to higher quality than Manfrotto and this one looks pretty damn good. What size rig are you using this with?

  • @AlecR:

    Hmm. How good is / was the included tripod? Is it stable, standing good (at full panning drag for example) and is it easy to unfold? Btw.: The EG06A2 would have been the way better choice - yes. It has more than enough weight capacity, a zero counter balance step and is also WAY cheaper ^^. Maybe you can exchange your EG10A2 to this model?

    Weight capacities of the heads btw. (for the interested):

    • E-Image GH10:
      • 75mm cog -> about 2,8 to 14kg
      • 100mm cog -> about 2,4 to 12kg
    • E-Image GH06:
      • 75mm cog -> about 2,8 to 7,6kg
      • 100mm cog -> about 2,4 to 6,8kg
    • In comparison Sachtler FSB-8:
      • 75mm cog -> 1,2 to 12,4kg
      • 100mm cog -> 1,0 to 10,5kg
    • In comparison Sachtler FSB-6:
      • 75mm cog -> 1,3 to 6,9kg
      • 100mm cog -> 1,1 to 5,9kg

    I think the GH06 would be a nice choice - even for bigger rigs. IF its quality wise a good head ...

  • @vicharris, due to the construction it works well with both super light to pretty heavy rigs. I wouldn´t hesitate to put on 10-15-20kg packages if necessary and I´ve used it for tracking shots with a gh2 + lightweight monitor (sub 2kg setups) at 70-210mm focal lengths. Very steady and smooth.

  • Hi guys, I have found this tripod with the 7063H head on ebay, do you think it's a good deal? I use a gh2 at the moment, will they work well together? Thanks for your help.

  • @Actarus

    You need head where you can set proper counterbalance.

  • AlecR, wondering what is your long term usage report of it? Is it holding up great still?