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  • I'm giving the new PS a "try". In it, you can now apply Adobe Camera Raw to video clips, so I figured I'd see how well the noise reduction worked. And I'm a little bit shocked at how good it is. (process: drag clip into PS, convert for smart filters, apply ACR as a filter, render out--sound stayed attached!)

    The original clip was shot at betwee 6400 to 25600 (it was a mistake and I immediately changed the setting, so I can't remember) on my D7100. Apologies for the shaky cam action, since I was just getting a grab while taking stills. The original MOV is straight out of cam and the mp4 is what PS accomplished.

    The ACR engine is very, very slow. Almost too slow to be practical. And oddly, it only consumed half my processor power while rendering, so it seems to me to be just inefficient. But the results speak for themselves I think.