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Opus - A GH3 Anamorphic Short
  • I've always known the GH3 packed a great punch in its IQ since I saw how much the latitude in the shadows improved over the GH2. It was my first sign that this little beast mixed with the right glass could produce amazing images and finally, having the time to create something for the art of filmmaking, decided to dive into the world of anamorphic and create something that I hope you all enjoy!

    All the technical details are in an article linked on the Vimeo page.

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  • looks great!!

  • @jhero Is it an isco like this that you used? (link below). There it states for 50mm up lenses, but in the details you give, it seems you were able to do it with 35mm lenses. I also see you used manual canon/minolta lenses - how do you think it would be with native m43 lenses? Thanks!

    Edit; link might help..

  • Thanks everyone! @tosvus The one I used is this one

    From my brief tests, my native olympus lenses (45mm/75mm) worked just fine but I did have slight preference for the older less contrasty glass

  • @jhero Thank you, that is very useful information! I wish I can some day shoot something of the quality you just showed us!

  • Good article. As a die-hard 2X Ana Man, I feel your pain with the many anamorphic compromises. I'd love a single-focus unit, but I would hurt inside a little bit if i forsook 2X for 1.5X.