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Canon 16-35 (II vs Original)
  • Can anyone who has used both lenses for video speak to the practical differences between the two? I am aware of the tech spec differences (10 groups / 14 elements vs 12 groups / 16 elements, weight, filter sizes), but I would be using it with a FS700 and Speed Booster & 5D mainly for video. If I can get a great deal on the original, I'm wondering if I would be losing out on anything that the II model gives you.

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  • the 16-35 II is supposed to have better contrast, less distortion at the wide end (though with a small increase at the tele end), less vignetting, less CA, and sharper corners (more relevant on the 5d). I think my mom is ordering the 16-35 II this week, but I can't offer any real comparison.