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What Hack do I have? - Gh1
  • About 6 months ago I bought a used GH1 with a hack already installed. I am happy with the results, but would like to play around with some other hacks. The problem is i don't know what hack has already been applied to my camera, and would really like to be able to revert back to it, as I have been happy with the footage and reliability so far.

    Question: Is there any way for me to know what hack was applied?

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  • You can determine the bitrate, I don't think you can know the exact preset. Unless you contact the person you bought the camera from and ask them. Cbrandin 44 is reliable for GH1. Other than that, all you can do is just start experimentng!

  • Thanks jleo, that what i figured. I'm totally new to this, but I am looking forward to experimenting.

  • Is it not possible to copy some preset file in the SD card e restore the previous hack?

  • @AlbertZ nope.

    @rickei try to shoot few test shots in all modes (both in NTSC and PAL) in FHD and one below, also JMPEG. After that, analyse the files in Cbrandins Stream Parser and browse a bit as there are no so many settings for the GH1. If you know exactly which take is done in which setting will already easy to detect GOP size, bitrate and if the files in FHD are coded as native 23.976 / 25fps or as 59.97i / 50i