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Pride (live music video)
  • Pride week in Sweden and the band Le Maine celebrates by releasing a live video of their song "Pride" that they wrote for the Swedish festival last year. And with all the shit we've been hearing about lately concerning LGBT people it was time to remind people that they are not alone. I'm not gay, bi or trans, but many friends and family are and think we should stand beside them. I feel honored to be friends with Tove (lead singer and songwriter of Le Maine) and help her film this important song and help her share it as much as possible.

    Just to give you a bit of the process: I was asked just the day before and I was lucky that two of my students had tickets and would be in the audience. I gave the each a camera and I was backstage (We used Sony EX1/3, all handheld), but I also handed out a consumer handycam and my iPhone (with Filmic Pro) to people I didn't know in the audience to really get a documentary feel to it. And to play a little safe I had my GH2 (Flowmotion) and Tokina 11-16 on a tripod in the back. A friend of mine mixed in Pro Tools.

    Of course it's not perfect, both coverage lacked sometimes and the LED lighting gave some nasty artifacts, but the raw feel of the footage and the energy of the band and the amazing old theatre we filmed in gave it all av very special feel. I edited in FCPX we're I also did my grading with Filmconvert (to enhance the raw feel and it did combat the harsh blues of the LED lighting and the grain hid a lot of the artifacts.) Not the best I've done technically , but considering the circumstances I'm happy with it and it's all about the song and helping my friend and her band to reach out.

    "We will never lose our pride".