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  • Hey guys, I wanted to show you guys how the Wooden Cage works with the GH3, I did forget to point out 2 important features on the cage because I wont be using them, one is the fact that it comes with a small plate that can help prevent your camera from slipping if you use a follow focus and the 2nd one is that you can also use the hotshoe as another point to tighten or secure the camera. In this post I show the reason I had to get a cage, and how weak the GH3 hot shoe is, I hope this video helps someone else to make a decision on whether to get this cage or not. Take care everyone

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  • Out of my price range, but I definitely like this. More universal for future bodies and modular to upgrade. I never liked the bulk of the square ones that had no more access to the hand grip, so this is a bonus all around.

  • Humm...I have the Carryspeed Viewfinder VF-4 . It adds a baseplate beneath the camera . Watching your video I dont think will be enough room to fit the gh3 with this baseplate . Can you make it a little higher ? Or I do need the medium size ?


  • @labalbi I think it would be a tight fit with the small version, although remember that the rod on the side is adjustable, and you can still go up and down a little bit but it might not be enough, better to go with the medium one, another great thing about this is that you can simply add a longer rod and still use the same cage.

  • thanks . the baseplate is included ? its easy to attach in a manfrotto head ? Thanks