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Serious Noob Question
  • Alright, love the hacks and the quality of what I am getting. Currently using the Flowmotion hack. The hack description gives all of the modes (100Mbps AVCHD in 24H 1080p24 and SH 720p50/60 at 8-10 keyframes/sec., 75Mbps AVCHD in HBR 1080p25/30 and FSH 1080i50/60 at 8-10 keyframes/sec., 50Mbps AVCHD in 24L 1080p24, FH 1080i50/60, and H 720p50/60 video modes, 100Mbps MJPEG 1080p Patch maintains high bitrates). However, they aren't called this in the camera.

    What is the best way of knowing which mode corresponds to each in-camera setting? ie. When I select Manual Movie Mode, HBR, Cinema, or variable, what am I actually getting? Is there a list of where and how I can get each of the settings? Or should I shoot a sample in each, and use media-info to figure that out?

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