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1080p = 50fps/60fps
  • Hi, everyone. It's been awhile since I last came here to check for progress. I've tried searching the forum for a dedicated topic of the subject above but found none and was wondering has the gH2 developed the hack for 1080p = 50fps/60fps?

    Really curious...


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  • no. one of the main reasons why i upgraded to a gh3

  • Sooo For GH3 there is a hack/patch to film in 1080p and have 50fps or 60fps ??? Im very curious as-well since im i've been looking for this future on my gh2 but found that there is none :( sadly. or am I wrong?

  • @ura no hack has been created for the GH3 it already comes with the feature to shoot 1080p 50/60fps

  • The Panasonic AF100 also has a paid upgrade that allows it to shoot 50p/60p @ 1080. Depending on what you need to do, it isn't a bad choice, and 2nd hand prices have dropped a lot.

  • @DeShonDixon I'll ask are you shooting your GH2 for the delicious slowmo?

  • DeShonDixon nice i never new this, I guess i should get gh3 :) You see im flying this camera on rc helly and up there 60fps is must cus everything ells lower will be choppy footage.

  • If you're considering an upgrade to the G6 from the GH2 you'll be pleased to hear it has 60fps at FHD.

    Also, does it still cost $250 for the paid upgrade of the AF100? Can't seem to find anything current.