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  • I have a pile of footage I shot a year ago, when I was first beginning.

    To me, it's an important story, but the footage isn't that good.

    I was to a large degree on the water, and as it turns out I am not a human gimbal, as is Rambo.

    The Go Pro footage is okay.

    The interviews are blown out.

    No detail on the white T shirt.

    The on-the-water sound with the lav and H1 self-destructed.


    Do I benefit by showing this, a story I'm attached to?

    It's on the water, it's fun.

    No pay, but a story I wanted to tell.


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  • If the story is worth telling, tell it.

  • get it off your chest and tell it =) ive got a bunch of old footage that i am in the midst of throwing together just for keepsake, that and clearing up clutter.

  • @RBD

    I force myself to make fast, clear decisions, majority I end up not using old(er) work because most of the time it's really just mediocre and too many people already spam the internet with mediocrity.

    But if you're just hesitating because of technical issues of the footage, but really like the content - and If you think people could connect with it emotionally too - then that sounds like it might be worth it.

  • Last December I went out for a bike ride in the sun and shot a series of short video clips with my cellphone (as I could easily carry it with me, and heck I didn't even have a DSLR which could do video yet! My Nikon D50 is sadly lacking that).

    Last month I finally got around to editing it and putting it online:

    Even though if I was to do a little short video on cycling now I'd be able to do it much much better, but I still found creating this video from older footage was very worthwhile and good for me. Was good to get another piece out there that I'd made myself, felt good to "clear some backlog of files", and I learnt some more about the process due to editing it.

    So I say, YES, DO use it! (well... unless you want to go out and shoot all that all over again? But how long will that take?)