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Corrupt AVCHD Video Clip not able to copy on HDD
  • Hey guys,

    I've shooted recently a 5 minutes Video using "12/15 GOP 'DREWnet' " on my gh2. As soon as I try to copy the file from the SD to my HDD, it freezes at a certain point. I am able to playback the video on the sd card, and I discovered that at the middle of the Video VLC freezes and crashes, therefore one frame must be damaged. I've tried several things (I am on Windows 7):

    run chsdsk /r on the sd card (its freezes too), mpeg sptreamclip (can not open it), convert the footage in premiere and After effects, but while converting the programs crash (no respond), I tried to run testdisk (but as I did not delete the file, it didnt recover it), transcoding with 5DtoRGB freezes at the exact spot where VLC crashed, Converting with Adobe media converter also failed, Virtual Dub doesnt open it.

    Is there any chance to copy the files at least as chunks? The file is 3,6 GB big

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  • @ VK Roadkill is running since yesterday, approx. over 20 hours and froze at some point, just detecting readerrors (now at 335). Is that normal?

    I dont understand how to run bb recover? Just put bb recover next to the video file?

  • Just put bb recover next to the video file?

    Never try to copy anything to your SD card. Just provide complete path and name of your file on SD card and place where you want to get copy.

    You can try to find utilities yourself via "bad block copy"

  • @Bara It is possible to play corrupted files in Avisynth. You can use different file open filters - directshow or ffmpeg-based. Probably Microsoft H.264 codec will play your file with some visual artifacts. If not, it is possible to use Trim to isolate wrong part of your file.

    Another method - to copy your file first. A freeze is happened in a filesystem driver level, not a video software. There are many software that read bad files from bad reading dvd. Sorry, I have not remember names of them.