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Official Sony NEX 7 topic
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    NEX 7 video:

    AVCHD Ver. 2.0, average bit rate
    1920 x 1080
    50p: 28Mbps (PS),
    50i: 24Mbps (FX), 17Mbps (FH)
    25p: 24Mbps (FX), 17Mbps (FH)

    MP4 , average bit rate
    1440 x 1080 12Mbps
    - Approx. 29 min., MP4 format movie for up to Approx. 2 GB.

    Price: $1350 with the 18-55mm lens, $1199 body only.

    Sony press release:

    Reviews and Previews

    626 x 346 - 249K
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  • Wow! it has a pop up flash...coooool!

    Sorry could not resist! ;-)
  • A77,A65 are pretty much useless for me cause of the lens mount, so NEX is the only interesting ones, but I love my GH2 as I am constantly shocked by it's image quality, so I'm in no hurry, I'll just sit and wait . I hope Canon, Nikon and Panasonic answer sony's attack quickly. Hopefully the GH3, whenever it comes out, will outspec the NEX stuff.
  • @Mimirsan

    Ha ha...don't knock it. A pop-up flash is fantastic for some situations where a video camera is not accepted.

    I had a tiny flash on top of my 5D2 a couple of years ago in northern Sri Lanka...a few flashes and the military were happy that I was just taking "happy-snaps"...and that I wasn't shooting video for the hated BBC...


    Nikon's release today was VERY disappointing...toy cameras (except perhaps for the waterproof one?)...
  • Haha I know (use mine on gf1 a lot) but most of these (obviously paid) previews really make a big deal over "new" features already on many other cameras.
    "wow a hotshoe...thats so unique!" "pop up flash...never seen one before!"
    The guy in the video never gave the sony rep a chance to show the new stuff

    Dont get me started on the video guy saying
    "I never used dslrs before as the physical ergonomics are bad for video use (demonstated with random dslr with cumbersome rig)...but this a77 is great ergonomics just the camera ive been waiting for! (a77 with random cumbersome rig)

    Its downright funny! ;-)

    And Nikon...are they asleep or what?
  • Nikon uses Sony sensors so I suppose Sony demanded first show. I already thought it was strange that Sony and Nikon would unveil DSLR cameras with the same sensor on the same day, doesn't make sense. Expect Nikon to announce in a week or 3 when the Sony coverage dies down.

    In my heart I'am still a Nikon fanboy (best colors, low-light, skintones in the industry) so I still hope they will see the light with regards to video. With stills, they are still king IMO (D3s/x, D700 and D7000). All of those kick Canon's ass and Olympus/Sony/Panasonic/Pentax can't even compete there. Only medium format looks better but that is expected with larger sensors.

    It will be interesting to see what Nikon does with a smaller (compared to APS-C/MFT) sensor.

    The thing I still don't get is this: Nikon does not sell video lenses nor videocamera's so they are in a prime position to launch a VDSLR on steroids and kill all competition. They could release one body that competes with everything from GH2 to 5D to FS-100 to RED. They would sell a shitload of lenses and would force all other manufacturers to drop their prices (and cannibalize sales of other product lines).

    I keep dreaming!
  • But... other companies have know-how from their pro & consumer camcorders experience. Nikon has very little experience. Not sure if they are willing to spend big bucks on researching video technologies.

    Sony/Samsung/Panasonic make their own sensors. They got strong digital video technologies. Nikon's high iso performance... who cares after ISO 3200 for video.
  • They should have bought CineForm.
  • @sohus

    "In my heart I'am still a Nikon fanboy (best colors, low-light, skintones in the industry)"

    Same here. For a while I had a Canon 5D2 and Nikon D700 (I was selling the Canon and going back to Nikon) and several lenses of the same focal length. I used the opportunity to do very careful side-by-side comparisons.

    I was shocked that while the Canon shots looked good in to the Nikon equivalents they consistently had a crappy color tone...I called it the "Pink Disease". And this was using top L-lenses. The skin tones and overall color was so much nicer out of Nikon. Same results using the Nikon lenses on the Canon body via adapter. Same again with Zeiss lenses...even marginally better than most Nikkors.

    I hope Nikon gets it together with their D800. They don't have a Pro Video division to protect so they are in a position to offer something incredible...

    As they said in Old India..."Slowly, slowly catchee monkey..."


    "Not sure if they are willing to spend big bucks on researching video technologies."

    I'm sure they realize it's vital for survival. Nikon has always taken it's time to get things right.
  • Conceptually I like NEX 7 more than A77.
  • Nikon user here, if they have some brain cell, they will see it more as an opportunity than a hindrance. The HDSLR opens a whole new world and market to them. Before that they only had the photo (steppers also) world, now they have a completely new market where they can enter without that big investment.
  • Quote
    Conceptually I like NEX 7 more than A77
    Yes, it seems more interesting. Have to wait and see the IQ.
  • Big torrent containing plenty of RAW and JPG full size images taken with the Sony NEX-7!

  • I heard A77 doesn't support AF-C for video where NEX-7 does. Is that true?
  • I own one NEX-7 body since several months so this is my impression:

    9/10! Sony used here amazing high resolution sensor with top IQ, very fast burst mode. This is the pocket-size camera for those who demand the highest quality. Its RAWs are the best (especially for low light conditions), but also JPEGs out-of-camera are excellent. Comparing its stills to m4/3 cameras would maybe not be fair, but Oly OM-D E-M5 would be in my subjective opinion very close: 8/10, GH1 some 7/10 and GH2 6/10.

    I won't rate it at all, nothing comparable to hacked GH1 or GH2. NEX-7 is definitely not the one for video enthusiasts. But nevertheless it has really nice looking image, less sharp but pleasant for my eyes, very nice color rendering. The sensor overheats after some 20 minutes in 1080/25 mode so I will try in winter if it can last any longer.

    Overall, I really like this camera and enjoy using it, I love its low-noise shutter :-) I don't own spare battery pack, it lasts quite long. By the way: I've used NEX-7 so far only with my old MF lenses, so no idea about its AF.

    UPDATE December, 1st:
    I have opened new topic with video comparison of the NEX-7 versus GH2:

  • Long story short; as an underwater photographer I buy 2 bodies to prevent a housing flood from ruining a dive trip. When the NEX7 was released there were supply chain problems. I was only able to source one NEX-7 body from America and the backup was from the Dubai Duty Free. The US version flooded 2 weeks ago and I am left with a PAL Nex-7 Body. Is there a way to change this body to NTSC?

  • Looks like everyone on that thread focused on the A7.