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Need 50p is it time to ditch gh2
  • My bread and butter is this sort of stuff:

    I started with a 7d, then 60d then bought a gh2 just before moving stills to d800. I always intended to use the gh2 for these videos, but found the nikons dynamic range and higher iso performance meant I kept coming back to it. The moire though has to be seen to be believed. So now I want to really start shooting everything at 1080. I need the 50fps, and the dynamic range. Currently my choice is between nex 5r, gh3 & g6. Can anyone out there talk to me about dynamic range in these 3 cameras and how they might compare with the gh2 and /or the nikon?

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  • A camera that might be better than all of the above for your purpose, is Sony's new RX100 MK II.

  • Considered 5DIII with 50p raw?

  • I believe the GH3 to have a much better dynamic range than the GH2. I own both and although it is hard to quantify, I always favour the look of the GH3.

  • Don't know about Nikon or NEX series, but I'd say dynamic range of G6 is about as good as that of GH2, perhaps slightly better depending on contrast settings. But where G6 could let down is the codec - image quality in scenes with lots of small details and movement can suffer from low bitrate.

  • Not sure the rx100 goes wide enough for these videos. I use the equivalent of a 16mm lens. If there was a decent wide adapter though I'd seriously consider it.

    5d3 does it have 50p? Besides the extra workflow is a vote against it, these are low cost high volume products, so in theory I have to edit in an hour or so to make them worthwhile.

    So it looks like it's down to gh3 and nex. According to dxo mark the nex has better dynamic range for stills, but I know there is seemingly no correlation between that and dynamic range in video.