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Power on issue GF2: "switch camera off and on again" / "Schalten Sie die Kamera aus und wieder ein"
  • I am using my GF2 since about 2 years, thereof since 1 year with the wonderful hack based on Sanity 5. All going well until yesterday night.

    ISSUE DESCRIPTION: When switching on the GF2, within <1sec an error message appears "Schalten Sie die Kamera aus und und wieder ein" = "Switch camera off and on again".

    WHAT I HAVE DONE SO FAR: I have switched the camera off/on multiple times. I have removed the (still fully loaded) battery. I have removed battery + SD card. I have removed the lens. I have tried with another lens. I have tried with another SD card. I have tried with another battery (fully loaded). Not successful. Still the very same error message comes up.

    WHAT DOES WORK: The connection to the PC/Mac via USB still works, I can access the SD card.

    SIDE NOTE: I wanted to change the firmware to the original GF2_V11.bin or any other; but the camera does not access at all the SD card allowing me to change the firmware. The error message comes up within <1sec.

    QUESTIONS: => Is there any knowledge how to overcome this error message? => Is there any hidden trick like pressing a button when being switched on to factory reset the GF2?

    Many thanks, Torsten

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  • Sorry, couldn't resist.