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  • (I don't know if linking to ebay is against the rules, so I'm just going for it)

    I have a listing for an ag-la7200 anamorphic adapter, which has NEVER been used. I found this in a broadcast equipment shop, new in box. Had to take it out of the box to check condition and snap a pic, but otherwise brand new. The auction has no reserve, starts at $499, go nuts!

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  • Ebay link removed, you can set normal price now.

  • So do you have a price for PV? I'm sure many people would be interested in this including myself.

  • I am very interested!

  • Sorry, posted just before bedtime. Correct me if I'm wrong, but now that people have started bidding on it, am I not obligated to eBay, and to whatever bidder wins..? Or is there a simple fee to get out of that?

    At the very least I can offer free standard shipping to PVmembers. I'm in no immediate hurry to sell, and I honestly don't know what amount is reasonable for items in this condition and demand, so I'm a little sceptical about posting a heavily discounted price here, even if you guys and gals do rock.

  • You can cancel an auction on ebay stating that it's broken/ no longer available. As for price, you can search completed auctions on Ebay to get an idea. As for any PV discount, a PVer would know that they are getting it from a member of the community, not someone they don't know off ebay. That's worth something IMHO.

  • Seems like a dead thread then. No PV price offering, just ebay link.

  • i want to buy it.

  • Have fun on ebay

  • Sorry for disappearing, been busy and stressed about other stuff. Thanks @CFreak, seems canceling a listing is fairly easy, just have to pay a fee of 10% of the highest bid (final value fee), but apparently canceling the first one is free, so I've got that going for me..

    I see used ones going for between 1000 and 1300, so I'm gonna start high and say $1500 including shipping (w/tracking number). the auction is up for another 8 days, so you have 7 days to talk me down if that price is horribly unreasonable =)

    By the way, I have a receipt and email correspondence (confirming its new) with the shop I bought it from if potential buyers are skeptical, but It's all in Norwegian, so you might not get that much out of it..

  • New Price $1400. feel free to PM.

  • $1400!!!! haha, yeah right. Being greedy never works out ;)

  • OK! $2,700 :) Just bring it to the corner of 6th and Slauson Ave. South L.A. ,3 am -4 am. Also a GH3 to try it out. Thanks!

    Sad, but true. They're reaching almost $1600 on ebay!

  • I said I was open to negotiations, but nobody seemed to care. Anyway, Item is sold now. Y'all have a nice day.