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Thoughts about tax system
  • Current tax system became completely unbearable.

    Few key things required for such strange system to work:

    • Lots of young people with low amount of old people
    • Exponential grouth of population
    • Exponential grouth of energy and resources available
    • many more similar things

    problem is that all requirements are not met now.

    Why the system is still working?

    Few simple things:

    • Big corporations who have main money going via offshores and special tax rules and returns. Each year they become even bigger.
    • Manual money injection system, where banks and goverment structures provide high marginal contracts and non returnable (in reality) credits to guys they know and like.
    • Direct tax returns and special goverment programs for smaller businesses

    My personal view is that whole modern tax system must be eliminated and replaced with unusual approach to accounts and sole national bank.