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Fotodiox, Excell, Lens Turbo analogs for m43 and NEX
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  • @flablo no problem, but we'll have to adjust the price from $150 to $15,0 :D

  • @Riker that is more than I would ask for. Deal! ;)

  • Damn it, I should have known it was too good to be true. I wonder how Fotodiox is going to take it when everyone starts returning them next week. I can't see anyone wanting to keep this.

  • @Brian202020 a big price reduction by Fotodiox maybe? I wonder how cheap these will end up going for on eBay :-P

  • And you can also have mine, than it's twice as cinematic

  • I blew the money for the shipping, now just going to decide wether investing 40 euros to send it back to the US and get a refund for the 100 euros I paid for it, so getting a total of 60 euros back, or not. But what am I gonna do with it if I keep it? Looks like it is unusable. Maybe just when I need a bigger range of view while staying at around f5.6?

  • Toilet door stopper?

  • @FrankGlencairn I already risked enough, can't take also the risk of blooming my toilet paper

  • @flablo

    sorry it turned out crap. I almost bought it, but on the checkout page I could not find where the damn facebook discount wass, so that the first impulsive buying moment faded and I luckily decided not to pull a trigger yet.

  • Damn. I was just about to buy this. Anyone used on an nex camera? I wanted it for my fs100.

  • ...just read a post at dpreview that said he'd just talked to metabones ...and their m43 to nikon g will be available next month

  • The discount is the word "Facebook".

  • ...just read a post at dpreview that said he'd just talked to metabones ...and their m43 to nikon g will be available next month

    That's the best news in this night of dispair.

  • Finally, Metabones!

  • Probably at double the cost, unfortunately. Though this proves, you get what you pay for.

  • Just got off Skype with Edward Snowden. Says Metabones was behind the whole thing - sent defective, off-spec lens turbos to Fotodiox and the other Chinese sellers so the first wave of early adopters would be dismayed by these "knockoffs" and come crying back to Metabones for the premium-priced versions. Says he normally fights against such hidden-hand stuff but has to hand it to Metabones, it was a genius move. Says he's starting a DSLR video blog soon, calls it "last bastion for guys like me", whatever that means.

  • I don't think the Metabones will be much better. From the earlier reviews, it seems that others observed the same thing, basically unusable wide open, but at an equivalent max aperture (Say if you're using a 50/2, then you would use that lens at a 2.8 or 2.8~4 split) it becomes usable.

    I'm sure it IS worse with the Light Cannon, just wouldn't expect it to be usable wide open, which is half of the reason one would purchase.

    Contrary to this thing being unusable wide open, and unusable on the 11-16/2.8 Tokina below 5.6 (I reported on another forum that the 11-16/2.8 at all focal lengths basically portholed like an old 35mm adapter, every corner's soft as heck), and that Zeiss ZFs arent' any better on it... I have NOT decided to return it.

    It does work as advertised in two areas: an Aperture Control and it does actually return glass to what I expect when I'm shooting S35 -- at least on BV1-MFT. Maybe I really want to make it work in some way, and maybe it won't, but there must be some use for it?

    Definitely will not be at the front of the line for a metabones, and as I said elsewhere, it's made me appreciate SLRMagic's cost-to-performance glass (12 and 25) and Zeiss ZFs as they are now. Just going to be hard to decide which 35mm Prime to get now that this option won't work out in all instances.

  • @Shaveblog if this is true basically now I hate everyone. So did they just send bad samples for the others to copy, or are they selling the actual defected Metabones? I am returning the Vizelex anyway. Basically I threw 100 euros down the toilet

  • @flablo Might want to reread that post again ;)

  • @kholi I knew I should have waited till you tried it before I pulled the trigger.

  • @vicharris -- If I can buy something interesting day one I usually will and at least try to talk about it immediately. I'm still going to post some stills/video after I setup a render job, but right now the adapter's just not very inspiring...

  • @vicharris I read it several times and then I asked what was unclear to me (and still is). Anyway that wasn't important, just curiosity

  • @flablo You know who Snowden is right? I might be misreading yours too.

  • @kholi You're so sweet :) BTW, are you coming out in July? If so do you think you could bring that 12mm step up ring? Andrews asked me if I've tried it out yet?

  • @vicharris wooopsjoke :) I thought about it but then I read the post again and it looked serious. And yes now I got who Snowden is but I didn't recall/notice at first, I thought it was some tech-guru I didn't know. Ok dumbest post of the day first prize for me