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Ethics for Documentary Film Makers
  • The relationship between [Documentary] filmmaker and subject can be similar to that between a benevolent, or perhaps not so benevolent, dictator and his subjects. What limits should be voluntarily adopted to safeguard the dignity and rights of the subject?

    from Bill Nichols, "What to Do About Documentary Distortion? Toward a Code of Ethics"

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  • comedy fucks limits on almost any subject, and yet gets viewed. Dignity... talk to the editor about that. If films reflect how they where made, becomes a subject in history, and that is how can be analyzed and maybe never done again. I dont know any rule for painting...any dignity or right for any subject.

  • ethics and film-making? the industry that invented the lines 'casting couch' and 'stuntman dies on set' ?

  • The Universal Clock eradicates true documentary and replaces it with filler to place in between commercials.