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LF stable outdoor GH2 Hack AVCHD suitable for Pany Lens (Advice needed)
  • Hello Folks,

    New to the GH2 Hacking world. Recently purchased a GH2 with the 14-140mm kit & 20mm pancake lens. I did my research on the subject and I am not looking to get spoon fed. Just want some insight, as the hacking hobby can get quite overwhelming for beginners such as myself. I will try to explain my needs to the best of my knowledge.

    I am looking for a hack that will bring my GH2 some glory for outdoor filming of mainly car meets and events. As I understand certain hacks shine best in specific scenarios, and I will attempt to describe my need. I will be flying the camera using a Glidecam stabilizer. Most of the footage will be done with the 14-140mm kit lens. Exposure will be good, cars will be static objects with several scenes capturing cars driving in/out of the event area. (you get the idea). I would also love to capture some footage of cars on the track (this adds a fast-motion requirement as well - but I am okay with two separate hacks to best suit the composition). I am not looking for spanning footage, a maximum of 25 seconds per take.

    I would certainly love to try some Driftwood patches out, but since there are so many I am kindly asking for some advice in the right direction. Would the all Intra low GOP settings be suitable? I am looking to shoot in 24p 1080. Please share your thoughts,

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Forgot to mention, I also bought a Sandisk SDXC 64GB 95 MB/s card, so I will be fine trying some of the higher-end geared patches as well.


  • In case your card is the 95 Mb/s check out Moon 5.

  • Hi Meierhans,

    Thanks for your suggestion. Yes I do have the 95 MB/s Sandisk. I read about the hack and seems like a great compilation of the 'right' settings for my composition. Will definitely test it out! I found it under the Cluster X: Series 1 topic. Hope this is the same one you are referring to. (update notes have a 2013 time-stamp on it)

    Thanks again!

    Would love to hear a few other opinions.

  • stable patch cinematic style some where down? thanks