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FS Eu: GH2+Sandisk 64gb 95mb/s and Leica 25mm f1.4+Polaroid Fader Nd Filter
  • The gh2 is in good condition, has only a slight defect on the screen that does NOT affect the touch screen. I sell it in tandem with the legendary Sandisk card. The leica is almost perfect, used it for a video project and some occasional photo. Sell ​​together with the Polaroid filter, used only when it arrived from the order for a test (and 'great for the price it costs). Boxes, cavetterie, manuals, all complete.

    Gh2 + Sandisk: 700 €

    Leica +Polaroid Filter: 450 €

    All the package: 1100 €

    Location: Italy. Location: Italy. Yes exchange hand here, or shipping with Paypal as payment.

    PS: don't have photo of the Gh2 at time LOL. Other Photos via email.

    1944 x 2592 - 1M
    1944 x 2592 - 895K