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Unmanageable Complexity: Parasites
  • One of very interesting properties of current world situation is that different parts of society live according to the different rules and have different expectations.

    Short period of exponential rise in available energy and resources made new stratum. Parasitic Stratum.
    Parasitic stratum started to eat available resources with constantly insreasing amount. But increasing at linear rate.
    Situation changed as exponential growth stopped.
    And after stopping in many areas started to require more and more resources to just keep at present level.

    Problem is that parasitic stratum still eat more and more resources and now this linear rate is unsustainable. If you won't be getting resources from most other stratums. :-) And this is that we can see around yourself.

    Each day patasites around the world look more and more inadequate to present situation.

    But having power, armies and mass media they keep things under control.