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Saga Seed | 3 min Asian Short Film | Hacked Gh2 (Spanmybitchup)
  • Sorry Vitaliy for the repost!

    Here's the link to a short film I shot on Gh2, "Saga Seed"

    Hope you like it!

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  • I really enjoyed it. I thought the grade though was a little too washed out for my taste. What lens were you using?

  • Thanks! We are trying to put off a olden era feel through the washed out grading. We were using Canon FD 50mm f1.4, 14-42mm & panny 20mm f1.7.

  • Great news! "相思豆 Saga Seed" has just been shortlisted for 4 awards in ciNE65 film competition 2013. Awards nomination: -Best Direction -Best Art Direction -Favorite Actor -Favorite Actress

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