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Tascam DR-05 topic
  • hello, i´m having trouble with this recorder, i´m using an external mic (ntg-2) along an "M-audio firewire" solo as a preamp,

    the noise appears only when recording, not on the pre rec stage (where we can hear the input mic), it always starts with something that reminds me the noise of a cd rom entering the pc, and then it gets periodic, like a brum, brum, brum... the noise changes the priodicy if i change the recording hz, at 96 is faster, at 48hz is slower, mono or stereo recording makes no difference.

    the noise also is only noticeable when there is silence, if there is an ambient noise sometimes is not noticeable, it is there though...

    any one knows how to solve this?? i believe it´s hardware related problem, but i think is coming from the tascam and not the "firewire solo" or the mic

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  • Might be RF interference on a dodgy cable.

  • i dont think so, i place ferrite filters on the cables

  • I remember having an issue like that once with the M-Audio Microtrack II, but I seem to remember it came down to the device having some issues with unbalanced vs balanced cables. Might be worth trying swapping them out to see if it makes a difference.

  • i tried with the balanced and the unbalanced outputs of the "firewire solo" to the tascam, but still the same issue any ideas???

  • mmmm but the cable from the "firewire solo" to the tascam i dont know if it is a balanced one

  • confirm that you are using all balanced cables on balanced inputs & outputs, ah wait...tascam dr05 doesn't have balanced input.

  • how can i know if it is a balanced one?, the cable was a comissioned work, it goes from 1/4 to 1/8 jack, gold plated, 1 foot (30cms.) long, and the cable it says Noisless Microphone cable STech, and is 6mm wide, i place a ferrite filter on it

  • the tascam dr-05 says mic/ext in, and is a 1/8jack input, but doesnt says line in could that be the issue?

  • those ferrite filters aren't effective, I've tried them and I don't hear the benefit. Balanced cables and i/o do work. Really long cable runs aren't good for your setup - are you running just 1ft. or is your total run longer?

  • Ferrite won't save you from a dodgy solder. A bit like Diodic cables - waste of space to be honest. You wont see them in any studio or soundmans's kit.

  • also, turn off plugin power on the Tascam, that might help.

  • a diagram of your setup would be helpful....are you using one or both of the balanced outputs and going into the Tascam input? but I still think the lack of balanced input on the Tascam is the weak point here.

  • the setup is: mic Rode ntg2>xlr cable (i´m using the Rode xlr cable male to female that comes with the Rode blimp is a 1 foot long cable)>M audio Firewire solo powering phantom to the mic> the cable described up above (i have tried all the outputs (it has 4)and they dont make any difference)>Tascam dr 05

    here is a link to the noise audio, perhaps someone would recognize the issue:

  • the plugin power is off

  • on the audio of the link provided the input gain of the "firewire solo" was all the way down, and the input gain on the tascam was set to 1, in this setting the noise was at his loudest

  • so when you listen through headphones on the firewire solo, you can't hear that noise?

  • nope, i can´t hear the noise

  • and when there is no external mic on the tascam, there is also no noise at all

  • basically, if you don't hear the noise when listening on headphones from the FW Solo, it must be the connection to the Tascam. The custom cable should be balanced (have two black rings like a stereo connector vs. one ring mono) going out from the balanced line output into the Tascam. If there's still noise, it's probably because the Tascam input isn't balanced.

  • yes the custom cable is a stereo to stereo, i tried other cable with adapters, all stereo, and it was all the same.... is there a way to fix it if i open it up?

  • i tried from the balanced output of the FW solo and the noise was still there. i tried also using batteries instead of the phantom, and the noise was also still there

  • I wonder if your custom cable was wired correctly. Also, there is a chance that the Tascam input is a mini-balanced input, which would be good. But if it's not, then you're faced with having to connect a balanced output to an unbalanced input....this complicates things slightly. Maybe a trip to your nearest audio specialty store is in order, you might have to try out different cables to find something that works.

  • i think the cable is fine, because is only when recording that the noise comes out, the tascam has an option of listening the input before the actual record, but when i listen from there the audio is really clean, is only when it starts recording on the card that the trouble comes out, and as i said i tried other cable but the noise is still there

  • well, sounds like you have to rule out the Tascam then. Get hold of a different recorder (same type of input, but different brand or model) and see if the noise disappears. Just a note: I've had success connecting balanced line output from a pro mixing board into a Tascam DR40....a recorder like the DR40 is more suited for your setup, in my humble opinion.

  • i was actually thinking of getting a dr-40, but i was reading that they have a sort of helicopter issue?, i thought it was the same problem i was having,

    what cable should i buy from the FW solo stereo 1/4 jack to the Tascam dr-40? and also if i buy the dr-40 i was thinking of using the tascam dr05 with a lavalier mic (that i don´t have yet), do you think that should get rid of the problem also?