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Greece: Life improvements, no exams now
  • The Greek government said Monday it will use emergency powers to prevent protesting teachers from disrupting university entrance exams this month. Civil servants' unions retaliated by calling a 24-hour strike for Tuesday.

    It is the third time this year that the conservative-led coalition government has used the emergency civil mobilization order — a measure normally reserved for natural disasters and other times of national crisis — to end a labor dispute in the crisis-hit country.

    More than 2,000 teachers — some dressed in army fatigues to mock the order — and left-wing unionists held two separate, peaceful protests in central Athens late Monday.

    Tuesday's nationwide strike is expected to close schools and disrupt public services. Civil servants' union officials told the AP on Monday that the union was also planning a work stoppage Thursday and a series of public protests.

    Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said the government decided to use the civil mobilization order against the teachers under its "moral obligation" to safeguard the May 17-31 exams for school leavers and university candidates.


    Now one remember them to use emergency power to help teachers by butchering banks? No? Strange.