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Fancier FC-270A tripod, 717 tripod alternative
  • I strongly recomment FC-720A, not FC-270.

    And if you have money best is to look at higher models, ala one on our deals, as head and sticks are much much better.

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  • Personaly I like the Feisol best. Built a small crane out of fiber fishing angel. Fluid Head Velbon Vel-Flo10 Crane head of vintage Velbon 3d tripod, Filmed with GH3 - 12-35mm & Canon fd 55MM 1.2

    The making of Smelting Ore docmentary - Medieval blacksmithing GH3 is ok

  • I have the 270A and can highly recommend it for the price. I haven't tried the higher models, so I can't speak about what I am missing there in terms of the "heads and sticks..much better" but for the price, I am very happy with mine.

    Now, I just need to be able to purchase extra plates for the quick release.

    Vitaliy? Can you make that happen? I tried contacting fancier and have been treated like an old sock without the matching pair...totally ignored. ; )


  • @ozoufonoun

    I just need to be able to purchase extra plates for the quick release.

    I'm with you on that one.To take the base plate off your camera each time you want another camera (or binoculars, laser-level, etc), then screw it onto your other camera, is a complicated and slow process.

    If I get a tripod head, I'd rather have no-release than somebody's proprietary quick-release which will fit nobody's plate but its own.

    If you were to go and stack up an extra quick-release assembly on top of your tripod's own quick release, you'd likely introduce wobble and worse.

    Better no-release than slow-release?

    We need a true, open-source standard for quick-releases, which can be built into tripods without payment for patent owner. Tripods should state their quick release type within specification.

    From the demo video above re quick-release plate"

    "It's just like the Manfrotto ones"

    Maybe "just like" means an exact copy, maybe not. Maybe you could try a real Manfrotto base plate on your Fancier.

    Fancier may be using real Manfrotto release design. In which case you might find there are licensing constraints on Fancier producing the camera base plates without the complete tripod.

    Perhaps, your messages to Fancier are just going to that place in China where requests go to die :-(

  • @Walker @ozoufonoun

    I know this thread is a few months old, but I just picked up my FC270A setup and was able to order extra baseplates for them with 0 problems.

    Here (or ebay even)

  • Anybody have any idea as to what is the true load capacity for the Fancier FC-270A? As I've seen anything from less than 6kg to 8kg. And I suspect my loaded up F3 set up will often enough be up to 8kg, thus it seems maybe I'll unfortunately need to upgrade my tripod.

  • You mean legs load? 8kg will be fine, I think.

  • Yeah, perhaps I should only upgrade the fluid head and keep on using the legs.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    8kg will be fine, I think.

    I've hung a 6kg battery from the center post of my Fancier CT-7402 sticks, along with a 2kg camera, no problem.