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30 min limit anomaly
  • i checked the 30 mins limit and i tried continues shooting till it said lack of memory on my 32 gig card.I ended up with 5 mts clips of 7 gig each and it did not even show up in log n transfer I had to convert the mts clip on toast that a bug? i used kaes 65mbps patch
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  • How did you try and log and transfer the clips? Did you leave the folder directory structure intact?
  • Strange, it should leave you with nice 4gig files in continuous shoot over 30 mins mode. Ive done several 1hour+ tests and have never had 7gig files.
  • yes I did...but it just stopped showing in log n transfer except for the last shot all the others were invisible but the mts files were there. ver strange indeed but i will try felt like it was partitioning itself
  • i had exactly 4 ( 7gig) and one 3.2gig files on a 32 gig card class 10
  • @blues

    I think that this can be related to your card.
    As 7Gb file size suggest that it is formatted in file system that allows this.
    Or it is just defective.
    Also it is bad idea to use Low GOP patches in 3.61D for spanning files.
    I still think that it is bad idea even in new 3.62D.
  • @blues 7 gigs is not possible in fat format, be sure to format the card ONLY via the GH2 menu and not from your computer. you are probably using ntfs or something else if you can get a file size that big. This is your main problem with the card even if its not the best one out there, you can at least use the right format.... which will make a maximum of a 4gig file and from then on spanning occurs.

    secondly i don't understand why you need to log and transfer. Isnt your NLE capable of importing the mts as a file or asset that is already on your pc as well? rather than from the card. The folder structure should be irrelevant as it does not contain ANYTHING not in the video file. If it was P2 like dvcpro and the hpx etc sure there is lots of info around the folder for timeline and clip information etc... but this is regular ol AVCHD, you should be able to just drop the mts on a time line as is because you are not missing any information by doing so.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev are you saying that if i expect my 1080p files to span i should not be using gop 3 for example? could you maybe explain a little? I have not had a problem thus far but i am certainly curious why this is the case from your advice. Sometimes i will plan to shoot exactly a long take or scene with my higher bitrate and low gop patches.
  • @OSGondar
    Normally engine expects GOP to be around 0.5 seconds.
    3.62d make some recalculations in GOp related structures according to selected GOP length.
    So, in new version your bitrate values can change.