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Avid Media Composer 7 and 8
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  • Some color correction tips

  • MC 7.0 is out now:

    New Features


    • Work directly with 2K, 4K, and 6K media in the timeline while outputting HD
    • Change the FrameFlex region of interest position, size and aspect ratio

    Real-Time LUTs (1D & 3D) and CDLs:

    • Support for fixed and custom LUTs/CDLs
    • Bulk modify clips in a bin
    • Real-time conversion to rec. 709

    Background Processing (Transcode, Consolidate and Copy):

    • Allows editors to continue working without interruption
    • UI to manage jobs and reflect progress

    Dynamic Media Folders (Watch Folders):

    • Accelerates and simplifies AMA media management tasks automatically in the background
    • Associate "Profiles" to any folder (local or on shared storage) to Link, Copy, Transcode or Consolidate files automatically

    AS-11 – Standardized Delivery with Program Segmentation:

    • Support for Spanned Markers
    • Shim support for consistent program delivery requirements
    • Export to a single multi-essence OP1-A MXF file (AVC-I or IMX)

    Audio Enhancements:

    • New Cached Audio Waveforms (Instant redraw)
    • Clip Gain Timeline Adjustment
    • New Master Fader support on all sequences with 5 RTAS plug-in inserts
    • Configurable Audio Mixer to reduce size of window

    iXML Metadata Support

    XAVC HD Native Support

    AMA Enhancements:

    AMA Managed Media:

    • All Linked AMA Media is now managed via Avid databases
    • Manage AMA media appears in the Media Tool or can be checked into Interplay

    AMA QuickTime with Alpha:

    • AMA clips with Alpha appear in the bin as a Matte Key

    AMA Extras:

    • New AMA navigation window to link to files & volumes
    • Assign color to AMA clips in the timeline
    • Consolidate or Transcode only AMA clip in a sequence
    • Relink designating either data, audio or video tracks
    • Drag & Drop AMA linking

    Performance Improvements:

    • Multi-cam (LongGOP) supports real-time playback of 9-way multi-cam
    • Improvements to window drawing and timeline blue bar updates
    • Mouse wheel improvements hovering over UI
    • Improved AMA performance when linking to video and audio


    what's new:

    Note: in 7.0 AMA and File "Import" seems to bypass Quicktime Tags (for viewing purposes) - so GH3 MOV-Files now get imported with accurate ("native") luminance levels without cumbersome workarounds also on Mac.

  • Avid 7 looks great. I've been holding into 5.5 for a while because I didn't like vrs 6. Finally this looks like a worthwhile upgrade from Avid.

  • I've been testing AVID 7 AMA linking to GH2 footage rewrapped in Clipwrap. I think I was using 3GOP patch. Avid performance was very slow with timeout errors. I'll need to test different GOP length hacks to see if performance can be improved. I did a round trip from Avid to Resolve and rendered out Avid MXF clips from Resolve. The round trip worked well.

  • we're noticing a quicktime import bug on symphony v7 - bombs out with a 'cannot import mixed framerate' error message

  • And the audio mixer is still enormous

  • Coming soon is Protools and MC combined

  • Coming soon is Protools and MC combined

    Are you sure? Or they will just improve audio part?