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24fps, 30fps, 60fps in ONE file - film look, live look, computer internet look
  • Ahoy thar fellow GH mateys... got a new ship I be driving...

    Been away for a long time having a blast shooting all sorts of wild things and acting directing. I thought I would share this little clip (to show off my new car ** cough ** I mean spaceship) and also show 60fps vs 30 fps vs 24fps in the same shot.

    24p film look vs 60p live look in ONE file so you can see the psychological effect. You'll need to DOWNLOAD and play (only 1280 x 720p sorry full 1920 x 1080p was too big. This switches in REAL time between the two in the same shot so you can really feel out the difference. I prefer 24p for narrative story telling and 60p for POV horror or news live look or 3D holographic shooting which I have been doing lately (not with the gh2 - using modded sony 3D pro cam, consumer ts10, and red epic for that). Note: this will only stream at 30p online (i really dislike 30p) you must download and play to see what I am talking about, No current online streaming service that I know of except for LIVESTREAM currently supports 60i or 60p streaming. I HAVE done it with livestream on my site which is astounding WHEN it works but it is still a little unreliable as of yet you need a business class hard wired ethernet cable and black magic card and an upstream of at least 20mbit down 5 megabit up CONSTANT. 1.5 won't do. Wifi won't do even dual band it gets blips. I can do 848 x 480 and sometimes 1280 x 720p live with a 4G card.

    Enjoy... hope everyone is well...let me know what you think.....more to come!

    PS - just for fun and giggles - Disney let me toy around in one of their sets with Trumpet:


    Michael Biggins AKA Blackout BLACKOUT'S BOX STUDIOS Hathouse Films New York City - Florida - California 877-9-BLACKOUT michael @ REMOVETHISandSPACESforspam

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  • Thanks for the update on the Hatmobile. Glad to see you back...Thought you were abducted by Dr Who in the Tardis!

    I'm a 24p devotee...but recently have been found standing in front of a 55" Samsung, mesmerized by the 60p, 120hz landscape demos for hours on end.

  • gh4? worth it?