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Short experimental
  • Little film I've shot and edited few days ago. One of those projects that spontaneously create it's concept and idea while shooting and later editing. This ruined building I've been driving by for years, but only now I have decided to stop. And At first I just wanted to shoot a bit with an anamrophic that I rarely use, but some glimpse of a story appeared and I just followed along.

    GH2 Sedna AQ1 Nikkor 50mm 1.8 Ais and 105mm 2.5 Ai + Sankor 16c anamorphic

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  • really nice indeed!!! In the very first scene it just came into mind Jodorowsky... lo que sea.
    Textures, rhythm, gentle yet focused movements, nice music, nice (de)grading, superb use of tripod and framing - with such a narrow crop is difficult not to bury the images - I liked it. Now people ;)
    105f2,5 nice, isn't it? How did you grade it? Well, is getting late...

  • Thanks!

    Yeah, well, usually I would crop it to 2.39 or at least 2.66:1, but since it was not a narrative piece but primarily visual, I thought that it can have whatever aspect ratio, and even benefit from something less usual like this weird 3.55:1. Actually it is how it came out of the camera when desqueezed.

    I transcoded to prores 4444 via 5DtoRGB (full range) and edited in PP CS6. I graded in three way color corrector in PPro, just for the convenience of it :) Grading was minimal, only primary correction, some gamma equalization and matching between few shots.

    I could have polished it a bit more, like fixing some vignettes created by tilted filter holder etc, but I kind of left it there.

    Thanks for watching and for your comment!