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Recording GH2 HDMI using MX02 & black magic intensity
  • Hello All and thank you for having me.

    I reall need some help here. I have a Matrox MA02 and a Black Magic Intensity Pro. I also have a 2 x GH2 with the OEM firmware.

    I am capturing DIRECTLY to the MX02 and Blakc Magic. 50i, that is what is on the black magic and 25i on the mxo2.

    When I play the footage in premier it is all jittey and not smoth at all. If I play the Black Magic footage in windows media player it is very smooth, but no the MX02 footage.

    I have read days worth online with the GH2 and using AVISnsyth and that was NO GO..

    Please can someone help...... I am bangin my head against a brick wall.

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  • GH2 hdmi issues are well discussed here. I use a Gh2 with an Atoms Ninja, and the ninja records 25p images beautifully, without fuss. However, you will need to record onto an SD card simultaneously. Also, you are probably using a 24p GH2? Try and get any of the hack settings, and set your camera to 25p, apparently only 25p gives clean unfettered output via hdmi

  • @ kazuo, Hello,

    First of all. I do not wish to press record, this is one issue. Second, none of the hacks affect the HDMI out at all.

    When you say SET you camera to 25p, what do you mean. the HDMI out on mine shows up at 50i.

    The only problem I have is smoothness of the video. it is a little jittery.

  • Alos, I have been through all the posts about the GH2 HDMIN out. I tried even using AVISSynth with no result.

  • I just want to confirm this please. The HDMI output changes when you press record..... If so please. which patch should I try to get a SMOOOOOOTH recording. Thanks.

  • Ok.. so its the NEW FIRWARE 1.1... but I have this alread... still recording a jittery motion...

  • Maybe I should explain what i am using these cameras for...

    I am using them for a studio.. the cameras do not move, no need to record. just need clean, correct HDMI out. I have sound from an XLR. I have 2 x GH2. I think there is not solution here with the GH2 HDMIN out clean for my MX02 & Black Magiv Intesity. Anyone have other suggestiongs????

    Thank you...

  • If you insist: forget it and get another camera for that use!

    In 2 years nobody has found a way to change that behavior of the GH2. The only possibility: hack it and turn the bitrate all the way down (or use Timebuster), start recording on a large card and keep it recording all the time.

  • I am not insisting "nomad" I am providing information. And as I said before... I have tried recording at the same time and still no joy.. A jittery frames.

  • Its quite simple: When you hit record GH2 switches its sensor from low preview mode to high quality recording mode. There is no known way to switch to high quality mode without recording. Grabbing the low quality mode via HDMI is quite useless (+always interlaced). So there is no way around recording for live usage.

    If you talk about "jittery frames"... you mean interlaced? Anyhow, you can switch your cams to HBR mode and it will output clea 25p inside the 50i signal.

  • Hello Meierhans, this is what I am reffering to:

    It show what I am getting. You can see the frames jump a little. My frined said it could be a rolling shutter issue. But I am not expert.

  • I can only guess. Guess one: You record in 24p (and not HBR). There is no need to deinterlace if you do it right.

    My second guess is you are dropping frames on capture.

  • Hi, Not dropping drames as the MAX02 does not report any dropped frames. I have tried all settings...HBR, p24 etc.... am I missing something?

  • Please not I am recording form HDMI out!

  • HDMI output of GH2 will always be interlaced ... when you use HBR 25P ... the output of the HDMI will be 25Psf ... that is 25P frame in a 50i wrapper (for want of a better description).

    If you shoot at 25P HBR, You WILL NEED to de-interlace.

    There is no way to get a good image from the HDMI without pressing record on the camera.

  • Ok... I understand you totally. Does anyone have ANY footage from the GH2 recorded VIA MXO2 (pressing record) that is not like the video above?

  • You have seen the footage above. I assume that is NOT correct.

  • @authorleon

    Some of the guys who have replied you are to be honest amongst the most knowledgeable about the GH2. Take heed, unless you find a breakthrough yourself. Then maybe you could share with us your discovery.