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Cheap battery chargers okay?
  • I've got 4 original Panasonic brand batteries for my GH2. When I come home after shooting I want to charge them all at once so I need 3 more chargers. I saw this cheap charger and wondered if there are any problems with cheap chargers either in terms of safety or affecting battery in any way adversly? Thanks

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  • Well, that's at least dirt cheap! I have "a general" charger with movable pins and that has been charging original Pana brand battery without any problems and I haven't noticed any differencies in battery usage, either. This general charger whatsoever will not (for a reason or another) charge third party GH2 batteries. I do not have the charger you linked, but I just share my experience using other than the original Pana charger.

  • looks like the one I got- that cheapo charger from china, it is able to awaken dead batteries, so I had to buy it. sadly, it stopped working after a few months. but if you ever find your self deep-discharging your gh2 battery and it wont recharge in the regular charger, you will want one of these ;)

    other than maybe breaking someday, it is fine.

  • Thanks for feedback guys