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Settings idea
  • I know there are TONS of hack threads discussing all different hacks and all the details relating to each hack... but let's get a quick, at a glance, thread where we can see what the BEST of the BEST are... And what's most stable.

    Specify with short keywords -- Good spanning, great low light, VERY stable, etc.

    Hereeeee we go!

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  • Thanks! Been checking that out as well. Just thought it would be GREAT to have 1 at-a-glance place where the convo and detailed specs are kept to a minimum and we just get concise lists of peoples favorite hacks with short keywords only. Would make things much easier to sift through.

    Then if we find ourselves more interested in a specific hack, we can go deeper into the detailed convos.

  • @VK_Editing

    Sorry, I do not understand your goals.

    All SD cards discussions are in proper topics and in Storage category, not hacks.

  • I guess I'm talking more 'hacks' then vs. SD cards.

    Looking to compile a list in this thread that is simple, concise and to the point.

    Example (attach file): Driftwood Sedna B - Simple keywords describing what its good at

    Driftwood Sedna Q20 C - GREAT image, stable (sometimes 60fps error), all around AWESOME



  • @VK_Editing

    This is category containing all popular settings.

    Otherwise I am against such idea. We have many attempts and all resulted in abandoned topics.

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