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Funny news
  • Libya called the British government to step down as it "lost its credibility." The "pro-democracy groups" in Liverpool, London and Bristol want reforms and agreed upon forming an interim government. China has dispatched its aviation carriers to the English channel. The SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) gave the British PM 24 hours to resign. Otherwise all possible measures (including military intervention) are going to be taken to protect the peaceful population of GB against its oppressive totalitarian government.
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  • Sources for this please? I know there have been riots in GB, but where is all this stuff about British PM resigning and China in the Channel? I cannot find credible news sources that back this up.
  • They're hiding under the water (edit, the Chinese) waiting for the Libyans to join them!
  • @B3Guy, it's more of a thought exercise ;)

    Consider how absurd this reads and then realize that it's routine for certain parts of the world once the West gets involved.
  • I agree with the absurdity and the idea of the situation reversal as a thought experiment. But in the UK case I think it's just a bunch of mindless thugs and thieves who are out of control, nothing more. The UK gov't's line seems to be not to treat this as anything more than large-scale criminal opportunism rather than politically motivated mass action.
  • You know what was the cause of riots in England? 14 Poles were killed. Bunk bed collapsed.
  • ...and on the plus side, I'm sure it would be possible to put an order in for a GH2 if anyone knows anyone in London!
  • @GOODEMPIRE Classic. The Iranian police have sent a message to the Met urging that they 'show restraint' when dealing with the protesters.

    @Mark_the_Harp Mindless thugs? I take it you are talking about the banking elite?
  • @DrPepper No, but might as well include them too. They're creaming money off the economy in more subtle ways.
  • @Mark_the_Harp, the people doing the majority of the looting don't have to be aware of the wider sociopolitical implications for it to still be a matter of politics and economics; there's a whole generation of people with not much to live for, otherwise we would not see people acting this way in such large numbers. People don't have a place or a stake in society, you get this kind of behavior.

    American slaveowners didn't understand why slave uprisings happened either - they literally could not make sense of it. The same could be said for post office and school shootings, etc. It's not a question of justifying horrible deeds, but you have to look at where it's coming from, unless you want to imagine that thousands of ostensibly normal Londoners have simultaneously gone mad for no reason at all.

    Going Postal by Mark Ames has some fascinating analysis of this issue:
  • In Britain, and so many other counties, the government spent Billions of taxpayers money to bail out the elite criminals running the Banking system. Now they need to bring in draconian cuts to social programs to "pay" for the bailouts. The riots in London are one consequence of the resultant social/financial decay at the individual, real person level. Governments response... sent 1000 young and unemployed to jail. This will solve everything.

    Why weren't the courts running "24 hours around the clock" dealing with the bastards responsible for the economic plight of so many once reasonably prosperous nations.
  • I actually meant there is at least one country in the world which is bombed daily under the same murky pretext. Children are dying while we are discussing frame rates. I don't see much difference between the libyan thugs (it's insane to call them "opposition") and the thugs in Bristol. But Libya is being butchered by the so called civilized nations, and Great Britain is doing just....great

    Please keep yourself within bounds.
    If you want to talk politics in Offtopic, please use simple facts.

    "Children are dying while we are discussing frame rates."

    Surely this is a just matter of priorities...
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I was just trying to make my funny facts clearer

    @SkeptikalSkeptikal Absolutely. Shooting people is not always equal to shooting people