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One camera, One lens, One Hack
  • This is the Full version of the video, all shot with one camera, one lens, one hack. There is an awesome Haka (traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand) at 3:20 immediately after the commentator.

    GH1 and 14-140 kit lens, ND8 filter, STD Profile 00+10. The patch for this video was the awesome but seldom used LPowell Fast Action 720p30 50Mbps @ 3-frame GOP AVCHD Patch. The audio was a Zoom H1 internal mics with windsock placed on the ground in front of the performers and the commentator at the end had the Zoom stuck mid chest inside his shirt.

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  • Thanks for posting that! Did you do any grading? What rig do you use to hold the camera when you are in the boat? Thanks.

  • There is a small grade applied over most of the footage from MB Looks. The rig was just one of Vitaliys cheap $100 rails and 2 handles deals. No stabilisation in post.