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New Panavision Digital Cinema Camera
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    70mm Digital Raw.

    The camera will feature on-board recording via an SSD, perhaps 1.5Tb

    It will feature a Titanium body, and should be a couple of pounds lighter than the Arri Alexa.

    It is expected to record DNxHD and ProRes, in RGB and maybe RAW.

    The sensor can be windowed down to 42mm and 35mm formats.

    They’re keen to allow a wide range of metadata to be captured and recorded onboard, making it “the VFX department’s dream camera“

    They are also looking to develop a new open codec format

    We’re expecting to see a prototype in the next six months…

    616 x 290 - 36K
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  • Seems to have "big budget" written on the box. Now, it also record formats that are easier to handle, but - 70mm is of course the selling point for the camera. For smaller formats, there will be plenty of options closer to home. For 70mm, a decent lighting budget is needed. :)

    It would be interesting to see if anyone dares to take up the heritage of Tati:

    (really not intended to be seen on the web!)

  • Yeah, Panavision is pretty proprietary anyway when it comes to their equipment. You can't buy a Panavision anything (except for maybe a coffee mug) They only rent their cams and lenses. But if it comes with the rumored 18 stops of DR, fantastic low light quality, and everything else listed in the linked article, it could be huge in the sense that the IMAX acquisition format doesn't need to be those giant unwieldy cameras anymore. This will likely not be a camera anyone will ever own.

  • RED demanding to Panavision by using RAW digital in 3, 2, 1... Oh no, wait.

  • @shian yeah I assumed as much.. just thinking of the costs relative to other options out there. Interesting though. I´m just thinking of what I´d do with a liberal budget and in my circumstances but these are not the same as for most other film workers so.. ;)

    Offtopic: have you seen anything from Aaton Delta?

  • I used to have a sweet panny hat that I got on a check out day way back in 96. .. *sniff.