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Fusilli – A short movie made while testing a lens
  • I did this some months ago, but I'd like to share it and have your opinion.

    I was preparing lunch at home and as usual I was going to split myself between cooking and testing my new vintage lens, a Minolta Rokkor MC 58mm f1.4, so I decided to use it for shooting myself while cooking.

    It was some kind of joke, because timing was ruled by the food’s own cooking time, but it ended in 20 minutes of pure fun. (continues..)

    If you want to read it all and watch it here is the page on my new blog:

    while here you have directly the video:

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  • A frame grab from the short:

    1920 x 720 - 1M
  • I'm curious about that editing in Blender. I tried, but I walked away frustrated, couldn't get anything done, and I haven't found any tutorial that could clarify it for me. But anyway, the editing seemed nice to me, also how you played with the DOF. Nice job.

  • Hi kankala, I'm a long time Blender user, so I wanted to put it in the workflow, but it has pros and cons. The NLE is ok for simple editing, but the real strength is the node compositor for postprocessing. There you can do golor correction, grading, camera tracking, rotoscoping, compositing 3D with footage, almost everything you can think about.