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GH2 - {From Field To Flask} - canadian single malt distillery
  • Hey there everyone. Just wanted to share the latest thing I've completed for a really cool whisky distillery here on Vancouver Island. Some of these shots were quite exciting to plan and execute.

    I continue to be grateful to this community and the things I've learned here over the years. These small cameras are great tools that set us loose to create meaningful work. Thanks @Vitaliy - for setting this forum up and putting the whole thing in motion with unlocking the power and potential of GH1 & GH2.

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  • It was a really great project for me and I felt I grew from it. Most interesting thing about this product - it will mostly be shipped to China, as Canadian taxes on alcohol are so high. (50%) But the film should be good for tourism. Anyways, comments welcome. enjoy.

  • Well, of course it looks amazing! :) And of course me and a hundred other people are going to ask you the usual questions. Gear used, post work and all the normal crap!

  • BTW, do I see an SLR Magic 12mm used in there? :)

  • @pchristoph

    Very nicely shot! How many days of shooting went into this? If I have one bit of critique to offer, I think that the music at the beginning and end was a bit overpowering in your mix.

    Great work! Thanks for sharing.

  • I didn't mind the music at all. Keeps it moving and it's cut with the beat. It might compete with the dialogue a bit at times but everyone has their own tastes! :)

  • That was quite beautiful. I'm guessing you put some good time into building that thing – and had some cooperative/accommodating hosts.

  • @vicharris thanks for your support and comments. This community is truly a great place to a part of. I've been thinking a lot about answering your question about 'all the normal crap' and it gave me reason to pause. It's perfectly normal for people to ask all the usual questions about gear, post production, and all that good stuff...BUT, - just this once I think I'd like the work to stand on it's own. Let me explain. This work is something I'm proud of - and it's intact. For me, pulling everything apart to see how it's made, well, it somehow cheapens it. I feel its akin to finding out the methods behind how someone does a magic trick, and the feeling that comes from gaining a knowledge that falls flat. (Not that I think my stuff is magical as the methods are in plain view : )... If this were a test video it would be natural to share all the tech stuff - but this is posted as a showcase piece. Does any of this make any sense? Please know, I have the greatest respect for sharing info about how stuff is done - and I've participated in sharing many times here before. But just this once, just this once, I'd like people to watch, enjoy, and perhaps think for themselves about 'why' the film was done that way and not instantly ask 'how' it was done. I believe this will lead to helping others who aspire to make films become better at their craft far more than anything else. I'd rather inspire than equip. - so let me have a pass, just this once : )

  • @QuickHitRecord - thanks man! 6 days shooting over 4 months.

  • @kingmixer - had awesome cooperation and lots of creative freedom to achieve the vision in my head for this. it's great when you can work with people who are already excited about making something together. cheers.

  • No worries. But I'm pretty sure I saw the SLR Magic flare in there ;)

  • @pchristoph That is a lovely piece of work, dude. I'd love to ask questions, but I respect your reasons why you want it to stand on its own.

    I also respect your considerable talent.

  • I'm calling him out on the SLR Magic 12mm though! Sorry bro, just playing around! :)

  • Looks great. You did an amazing job there.

    And now for some criticism of course :) There is one thing that I find to be a little bit on a lower level then the rest, the part with the interviews in the chairs. In the two-shot the composition is a bit odd, and also the camera movement suddenly stops. If the idea was to place them to be integral part of everything that we've seen from the beginning, it would be much more pronounced if camera moved, like in previous shots. Even the slight movement in post would do the trick. Somehow the beautiful flow interrupts at that point.

    Very nice work, thanks for sharing!

  • very nice project, really like the vid. Nice to discover that canadian distill, heard about it but never taste it :)

  • @bechou, @inqb8r, @Brian_Siano, thanks for watching, and for taking the time to share guys. Someone asked me if I'd had a chance to taste the single malt - but it won't be ready for consumption until July, 2014. I'll be heading back there to film the bottling and opening ceremony - which should be cool.