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Adapting 4x5 filters to 4x4 matte box
  • I am sorry if this is a retarded question, but i have not been able to find a clear answer to this.

    I have a 4x4 matte box (2 rotating holders), and i am trying to get some Formatt graded ND filters for a landscape shoot in sunny California desert. I am thinking they will come in handy. They don't make them in 4x4, only 4x5 so that you can adjust where the horizon line falls. Makes sense. But, how do i make these fit my 4x4 holder? The adjustable 4x5 holders are too thick to put in a matte box.

    B&H has Cavision 4x5.65" matte box holders for $56 ( and Redrock dual 4x4 / 4x5.65 holder ( Would either of these work? What about that extra 0.65" on the long side, will the filter fall through?

    Any other ideas/solutions? Circular filters won't work, i have too may lenses with varying diameters, even as small as 22mm.

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  • @bibiana

    First, why use only this filters?

    If filters are from glass you can just go to glass cutter :-) If they are resin - just cut them yourself.

  • Also why will circular not work? You do know that a large portion of us use a step up ring to 77mm or 82mm. This make every lens have the same threaded front, enabling you to use one set of ND's Grad ND's or whatever for all of your lenses. Everyone of my lens has a 77mm threaded front now. This is known as part of the Cine Mod that many companies do, like Duclos.

    And like V said, cut em! If you live in the US, I see people dumping Grad ND filters on Craigslist all the time.

  • @Vitaliy
    i did think about the glass cutting option.... that could work

    @vicharris yes, i know about the stepup rings. like i said, i have some old cine lenses, 22mm front, that would be a bit of a ridiculous step-up ring 22-to-77. mainly because of that i didn't want to go that route. just trying to make it universal for my system. also, in case i rent lenses, i don't have to worry about having correct sized step-up rings