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Full Feature film shot on Hacked GH2 + Nokton 17.5mm
  • B-cam'd about 5% of the feature with a 5D. Alot of compression went into the video for upload. A better quality trailer will be out soon. In the meantime check out what this amazing little cam can do...

    Also a big thanks to Vitaliy, Driftwood and all the testers for the Senda hack that was used on this film.

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  • Holy crap nice grading! Can't wait to see the whole thing! I wish my internet would play it back without skipping. You nailed it!

  • Oh yeah, and great cinematography too!!

  • Reminds me of Soderberg's hugely underrated The Limey, the trailer at least.

  • Woow, grate cinematography. COngratulations, show us more!!

  • Which Sedna ?

  • would def love to see more.

  • Thanks for checking it out and for the great comments it is a british villain story along the lines of the Limey I guess (great film). Once sound mix is complete will get a full trailer up so watch this space. The patch if I remembered correctly is Sedna AQ1 A.

  • wow. it is amazing!

  • @Stills, I was more referring to the style of the trailer and the music selected. The slowmo and the classic Brittish rock. Plus some of the tones and scenes at that white house with the recessed cans. The trailer reminded me of The Limey more than what the movie is about, which seems more Guy Richie than Steven Soderberg.

    Some nice stuff in there.

  • whats the song name?

  • The song is called 'look at me' by a band called Demien Bell and the Maypole. They were kind enough to release the track for nothing. I think it was recorded in the 70s but the band are still gigging. You can find them on youtube here;

  • They have a great sound, very reminiscent of The Who, which is what I took the track as initially, except there was something about it that felt unfamiliar. Sounds like a very attractive and more affordable option than trying to license the CSI Theme Band as I now think of them.

    You get the tone without the preconceived notion. Love it.

  • Wow would love to see the 1080p on Vimeo! Impressive colour grading and cinematography!

  • There's a 720p on vimeo here:

    I will get on the 1080p version though. Thanks.

  • Congrats. It looks very well done. Did you shoot it on just 17.5mm? Entire movie?

  • Seems like every feature length film shot with a GH2 is about violence, rape or murder. Weird.

  • Smaller camera makes getting the kill shot easier! hahaha

  • @DanPV maybe they're just fans of Shakespeare. Or the Bible.

  • I like see the short, look very good and the story seems interesting.

    @BurnetRhoades: Shakespeare wrote about death and murder, although another focus. But The Bible has more blood, violence, rapes and murders what Tarantino and Sam Peckipah filmography together.

  • @Manu4Vendetta I'm just making the point that violence in media isn't new or worse than it's ever been. These moral judgments so ignorant of popular culture since there was such a thing are the kinds of things I expect from FOX News, Joe Liebermann and Tipper Gore, short-stroking for the cameras.

    If it wasn't that then my apologies for overreacting.

  • "Seems like every feature length film shot with a GH2 is about violence, rape or murder. Weird."

    This film literally contains all of those things...damn. I don't have an issue with showing violence if it's true of the characters and their reactions. I do have an issue with stylizing the violence. I prefer to portray the seriousness of it and I think soundtrack and score can decide how the violence is decoded. I guess the trailer/teaser is the one exception to this principle.

    Thanks again for watching.

  • "It looks very well done. Did you shoot it on just 17.5mm? Entire movie?"

    I'd say 80 percent of the movie was shot on the 17.5mm. For some close ups I did use a canon 50mm via an adapter but none of those shots are in this teaser. A 5D B-cammed with either the 50mm or a 100mm.


  • @Stills Looking forward to seeing it

  • @dream_beam thanks it should be out summer time.

  • I like your work. I was on the fence about buying the Voigtlander untill I stumbled acrossed your facebook page a few weeks ago.