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Sale: GH1 w 14-140 on sale at Saturn, Hamburg EUR 849
  • Saturday 06.08.2011 I visited the Saturn Market at the Hamburg main trainstation, i saw 3 sets of GH1 w 14-140 on sale for EUR 849,--. Display cameras/ demonstration sets, but without any appearant signs of use.
    concidering that the lens alone here in germany now is sold for EUR 749,-- it is a very good bargain in my oppinion...

    I am in Hamburg right now, if you need my help a PM pls

    Have a great day


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  • thanks for Tip
  • as I cannot say if the cameras are still there, it would be possible to call and ask directly if you are interested....

    Saturn Electro-Handels Gmbh
    Mönckebergstr. 1
    20095 Hamburg

    Tel. 040 30958 0 from other countries: +49 40 309580
    Telefax 04030958101

  • I have contacted Saturn, and they claim that the DEMO model sells with a 14-42mm lens not a 14-140mm
  • As I was there, last Saturday, it was very clear 1 on display, and 2 more GH1 w 14-140 in the vitrine below... priced for 849,--... maybe they changed... I cannot say, if I was Saturn, I would defenately sell w 14-42 and let the 14-140 go seperately.... was a very good price.... for my personal view, I just tried to help
  • And I appreciate very much your information, I just phoned them to verify the information and the sales representative said that they sold them with a 14-42mm lens, I will write to them again...
  • to see where the confusion is, maybe the sales representative didn't have the correct information
  • @nic

    right now i am in Denmark, so I cannot go and check personally for You..... The salesrepresentative i did talk to was after his own words and the printing on his shirt a Panasonic employee, so he defenately knew what he was talking about.

    When I am back in Hamburg, and I am close to Saturn I will check again personally

  • I phoned them again today, and the sales person from yesterday was wrong, it is indeed 14-140mm
    :-) big, big smile :-)
    So I asked a friend living in Hamburg to help me buying it...

    Thx for the tip, and by the way I am Danish too. At least I guess that you are danish from your last comment and you name here, so I suppose that we share the same roots of Holger Danske :-)
  • great to hear... and compared to danish 25% VAT and profits... you really do a good deal by this....
    glad to be able to help

    Did you ask if how many still left? .. for others..

    ha det godt

  • 1 left, and the price should actually be 796 euro

    Hyggeligt at møde en dansker her, jeg troede det kun var for amerikanere :-) Tak for hjælpen...
  • So I bought it and it looks fine...

    Trying to get the autofocucs function working as preview in liveview, but have no luck so far, is it possible to chek the autofocus without actually filming yet?