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Varavon Motorroid, best motor solution for sliders
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    • strong motor
    • works with any Varavon sliders (Lite, S, etc)
    • variable speed from fast to very slow
    • safety clip that allow unit to stop as it detect it
    • tension is very easy to adjust
    • works with 90 degree and 3kg weight using belt
    • 45 degree and same 3kg weight using wire
    740 x 493 - 49K
    740 x 493 - 74K
    740 x 493 - 51K
    740 x 493 - 65K
    740 x 493 - 29K
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  • Good god!!! So when am I purchasing this damn thing? Should I just preorder with you now V? :)

  • We'll have preordering soon :-) Just wait a little.

  • Any idea on the price?

  • What a great idea...(have they checked with the US patent office?)

    I am keen to get one for my slider!

  • Any idea when it will be available?

  • @peternap

    We'll have preorder very soon, will ship early March.

  • THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!! I'm shooting an Aston Marton Online Magazine Review next week and wish I had this.

  • First preorder amount had been gone too fast, so we managed to get few more. They'll be available on weekend specials.

  • Just got my preorder in the mail here in New Zealand; fantastically quick delivery! Looking forward to setting it up and testing it after work tonight (9hours time); first look at it and the build quality looks great, to match the slider.

  • @mickos

    Good news. They specially made and sent early our preorders :-)

  • Mine came yesterday but I missed it!!!!!!! Dammit! Would have been great for the Aston Martin I'm shooting tomorrow!!!! Going to try and get it at the post office before I go to set. @Vitaliy_Kiselev Do you know what type of battery and connector is need to power it? I hope I have something that will work since it would make for some great footage to post here to promo it.

  • It comes with a power adapter too

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Got it. Thanks sir. My ext battery for my GH2 should work fine then. Hopefully I can get some good footage for ya.

  • Any idea what kind of power connector is on it?

  • the 2-pin US connector

  • @mickos For the DC in? I'm trying to figure what battery connector I need

  • It looks like the standard one that is used for many things at least in the US. Same one that plugs into most cheaper LED's as the 12V source. I wish I can remember the size.

  • looks like the standard 12v round connector, same as most 12V power packs. can't be 100% as don't have any gear with me except for the motor

  • It;s probably an M connector but I'll wait till it gets here to order a battery. Thanks! I have plenty of time. They won't ship mine until the 15th

  • So I took mine out for a spin today.

    1. Works like a charm. Smooth, easy to operate and assemble. Works perfect with my exterior battery for my GH2. Seems like it solid and will last.

    2. The one problem I see, though it's not too huge and can be solved easy by the manufacture. There's the little blocks that you clamp on the belt that activate the limiter switches. Even with the belt tightened down pretty darn tight, when the blocks get to the switches, there's not enough pressure to activate the switch and shut down the motor. One worked when I started the day but by the end of the day, the other one stopped. I'm sure I could wrap some tape around it or something but there's a better solution out there than that.

    For the price it is still a great deal!!! Don't get me wrong. I built on myself and it cost me over $150, took two days and looks like something from Sanford and Son. So for the extra $150, it's a no brainer. I'll post video of all this as soon as I get a min.

  • Here's a quick piece from the shoot using the motorroid. As you can see, looks smooth as silk! I also left the volume so you can here what it sounds like via the GH2 mic. Password: aston martin

  • Cool, similar findings for me too - very very smooth and some motor noise