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  • Four out of 10 Greeks told the same survey that they no longer have any disposable money left after covering their basic needs, which is the highest rate ever recorded in Greece and the biggest in the October-December period in Europe. A year earlier (in Q4 2011) that rate had stood at 34 percent and in Q4 of 2010 it had been at 25 percent.

    Even in cases where consumers do have some money left to spend, it goes mostly toward the payment of loan and credit card installments (31 percent) or savings (22 percent). Only a very small number of consumers use their disposable income for entertainment, vacations and buying clothes, which helps to explain the turnover slump in of the sectors of food catering, domestic tourism and apparel stores.

    In exactly same fasion it'll be in US and EU.

    Less and less money will be left, and this small amount will lead to destruction of division of labor. System will turn into ineffective natural economic.

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  • I think the society in general is in need of a purge, it just needs to be reset, I don't care about CEOs making money, let them make whatever, but the crony bullshit, and planned destruction of the middle class is downright pathetic.

    How is the middle class supposed to carry all the burden? How is it possible to pay all the taxes, hidden fees, taxes on taxes, and live a decent lifestyle?

    Why wasn't there a wage increase for the common worker? The whole system has turned to this frantic race to the bottom, and I really hope that the finish line is one turn away. Either that, or we'll have 2 kinds of people in our society, the overlord rulers with money, and petty slaves who fight for a minimum wage job.

  • @Riker

    You can read back blog posts considering energy and simialr stuff. And you quickly find out reason why this future is inevitable.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev where I come from (Croatia), people live like that ever since we became independent. Not everyone, of course. State workers, politicians, and crony neocapitalists live the life, but the common folk, especially people working in the private sector are just juggling their paychecks.

    This is the "average" breakdown from my perspective, although I could be wrong and all the "average" infos should be taken with some salt :)

    Average paycheck - $1000 (teachers, firemen etc...many of the "common" private sector jobs)

    Average rent - $400

    Average monthly electric bill for a small household, no kids (like mine) - $50 to $80

    Flat rate internet (per month, not including anything else, just 7Mbps internet connection) - $45

    1L of gas - $1.9 (gallon of gas - $7.1)

    Loaf of bread - $1.5

    Liter of milk - $1

    Bottle of Jack Daniels - $30

    Hamburger (local)- $3.5

    Big Mac Menu - $5.5

    Pizza - $7

    Lumix GH2 with 14-140 (as of today) - $2100

    Lumix GH2 body only (as of today) - $1150

    Lumix GH1 with 14-140 (as of today) - $2100 (yes)

    Value added tax rate - 25%, third highest in Europe


  • @Riker That breakdown is very much like where I live in the USA except the rent is a little higher and a gallon of gas is ~4$. We do have cheaper GH2s though..

  • @svart where in the hell do you live? Average wage grand a month? That's 12K a year, it's not below poverty level (for US merits)'s under every level. :)

  • Ah! You said "paycheck". Most people here get 2 paychecks a month and that would be like 1K$ or less per paycheck after taxes.