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TVLogic VFM-056W/WP monitors
  • Small monitor full of various features.
    Top model has waveform and vectorscope.
    Average price for top model is about $1490


    5.6" 1280x800 Resolution
    Supports TVLogic Color Calibration Utility for proper color alignment
    Focus Assist
    DSLR Scale
    1:1 Pixel Mode
    User Aspect
    Blue Only/Mono
    HDMI&SDI Audio
    Magnesium Housing

    Waveform/Vector Scope (Y/ Cb/Cr, Wide Type, Line Waveform)
    Range Error
    Luma(Y') Zone Check
    HDMI to SDI Through-out
    3G Level A/B
    Embedded Audio Level Meter 16Ch
    Time Code Display

    More info :
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  • Has anyone had any experience with this monitor at all, and with the GH2?

    I'm quite tempted by it after getting drawn in by the SmallHD DP6 but not interested in the large tax hit and large colour accuracy problems I've heard some people mention.

    I saw this thread linked from the cheap 10" monitor thread where Vitaliy mentioned this thread and monitor

    "It is best monitor for under $1500 and still have some problems with color accuracy and no calibration."

    However in this video

    At the end the guy mentions that it can be calibrated using various supported probes.

    Regardless, out of the box I believe its meant to be much better than the SmallHD regarding no obvious colour casts.

    Still, it is a lot of money.

    However, much as I love the sharpness of the EVF on the GH2, the monitor quality itself is lacking in size (can't be helped in 4/3 form factor i guess) and resolution versus most of the competition for years now. All the other monitors I see including the new DP4 have a slightly lower resolution than the GH2's EVF so it seems a little pointless, even though the increased size will make it easier to judge things than in the small built in EVF i'd much prefer a larger screen and MORE pixels to make reading sharpness that much easier.

    I'm guessing that with this thread having no replies, no one has played with one of these, but thought i'd ask whilst i mull over picking one up...

  • Oh, here's an updated product link.. the original one didn't seem to work anymore