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FS: GH3 (60p US Version) in Europe / Berlin
  • FS: GH3 (60p US Version) in Europe/Berlin EUR 1099,-

    I bought a GH3 (60p) from Amazon USA while in the US two weeks ago and brought it with me. I was very happy (i preordered early) and never saw THIS comming:

    Now I get a shipping confirmation for the BMC from Adorama. My credit card stretched to the limit. In order to pay for the BMC, I have to sell my new GH3 (body only).

    If anybody is interested in a 60p GH3 in Europe, let me know. I live in Berlin, but ship worldwide (for acutal shipping costs).

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  • Hi, I am interested, will you ship to Moscow? Cheers! Oleg.