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Fast Express Card SD reader for GH2 footage
  • I needed a fast card R/W for workflow on jobs with all these high bit rates. I was looking for a firewire card reader/writer but could not find one. I've been using a 7D with A FW card R/W works great. I came a cross the Sonnet card at B&H but it was $99.00. Very expensive I thought but a must for my workflow.
    I went to Sonnet's website. found it for &49.95 . Shipping was extra I think &9.95. So $60.00 US dollars. Make sure to download the drivers for your PC or Mac. The drivers were not installed for me. I'm on a Mac. There is one for $29.95 but it doesn't except the the faster cards from my understanding.
    Just wanted to give a heads up. Hope this helps >wed page below
    Sonnet -SDXC express card 34 001.jpg
    640 x 480 - 35K