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Lowish light 50p (720 or 1080) cameras
  • I shoot interiors in available light. Typically at f3.5 at 640-2500 iso. I bought a gh2 but it struggles in available light. My 60d and 7d shoot horrible 50p and the noise is nasty. I'm in the process of moving to Nikon full frame but I believe their 50p is worse. I need a wide lens, (so I'm stuck with f4 on the gh2, 12mm isn't wide enough) things will be more interesting when the speed booster comes out. Is their anything else out there that shoots nice 50p? The nex video I've seen has looked very videoey, not sure about low light though. Sony slt cameras? ...?

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  • 5d mark 3?

  • Since you already ruled out the Nikon: The Sonys don't need to look that videoish, they just need some tweaking. FS-100/700 can nearly see in the dark… But for nicer looking 'grain', get an external recorder (they are not hacked yet).

  • I was talking about the little nex's (5n, 5r, 6,7). I'd love a nex fs700, but ATM my video income is an adjunct to the stills. Same with the 5dmk3. But I could ditch the idea of going nikon full frame, and go canon full frame, but I guess I'd assumed that the 5d 720 was to its 1080 as the 7d's ie not nice: moire, aliasing, soft.

  • Nex5n + Speed Booster. £700 for a full frame equivalent with fullhd 1080p. an f2.8 wide angle turns into a f2. nothing will come close for the money. your blacks will turn to mush at high iso's, but as long as you have reasonable fill light the nex5n does well.

  • If only that speedbooster was out for M43. Did a test today shooting at 2500 on the GH2, 1250 on the 60d. GH2 on smooth with everything dialed down to -2 except noise reduction (+2). Both were pretty gnarly, gh2 had the lead in moire and aliasing (by miles) buts its noise was clumpy and lack of dynamic range meant the shadows were deep and had chunky noise. 2 stops would make a huge difference.

  • You can try GH3, works well 50p / 50mbits in low light ...

  • Sony FS100...get yer hands in your pockets :-)

  • Just majorly put my hands in my pockets - complete new nikon kit, lenses and all. I've got a mate with an FS100, though. Might have to give it a try to see what I'm missing :)